Snow Plough Rubber Non Standard Sizes
The UK ’s leading manufacturer of snow plough rubber & slurry scraper blades

We supply a wide range of snow plough rubber and slurry scraper blades in non standard sizes.
We can supply snow plough rubber in bespoke sizes.

We are a manufacturing company and can produce snow plough rubber blades of varying lengths. We can also “metal to rubber” bond and can therefore offer a competitive alternative to all of the other variety of blades that exist.

Snowplough blades and scraper blades are manufactured in our own factory by our highly trained staff. We have an unrivalled level of experience and use the highest quality rubbers in our manufacturing process. The grade of rubbers we supply is ideally suited for use in all snow plough and slurry scraping applications.

For custom manufactured snow plough blades or scraping blades our team will work with you through the design stage, type approval and through to bulk manufacture.

Contact Us
We welcome enquiries throughout the UK so please contact us on 0141 620 1666,
Email or fill out our Enquiry Form.

slurry scraper blades

slurry scraper blades

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